Collective Works of Jody Bailey

Call me a generalist, my work argues I’m a specialist … at many things. A lifetime of compulsively chasing better, has my photography, writing, design, and web dev producing compound interest in my forties. My best yet to come, my past right below 👇🏿👇🏾👇🏼


Narrative journalism describes my writing. I love to jump in medias res, get to the heart of it and immerse readers in the world my mind is occupying. Photos often accompany my words, with total immersion the goal.


My photography is a little of everything. I come from the school of Sports and Journalism with peak emotion, an accurate portrayal of events, and true to life colour coursing through my veins. Product photography comes in and out of my studio on occasion. And lately a lot of my focus is with portraits — particularly environmental portraits.


Rooted in the awesome magnetism of 80's neo-conservative deregulated media, my blossoming design portfolio dates back to the geometric shapes and colour of that era.

The Rice Howard Howler

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