Wisakipakos Indigenous Bitters

Wîsakipakos — Indigenous Bitters

Web Development
The Interwidewebnets

An exceptional opportunity produces a brand and website in record time.

The email comes in, and less than four days later, we have a functioning WooCommerce site ready to sell Indigenous Bitters online. Mackenzie sends over a logo, and we run with it into a colour palette and website design — outlining a brand in one fell swoop.

Sometimes a website is on a list when applying for something else.

When Matricia received word that she would be on Bears Den presenting an idea to a panel of investors — looking for a functioning business — it was time to make quick work of a standard checklist. Ecommerce web site, logo, package, product, photo shoot … and done!

There is nothing fancy about the website, but there doesn’t have to be. Our goal is to always match a business where it is at, and this business needed exactly what we delivered, given the time we had to deliver it.

A journey that begins with harvesting medicinal plants from mother earth, leads to culinary bitters from an Indigenous understanding.

Matrica Brown

If you place an order on that site after scanning the QR code live on air, it is a TIGHT experience … that is the singluar goal of this site. That is the specific problem we solve in a matter of days for this dynamic duo — Warrior Women.

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