Team Canada — Sitting Volleyball vs USA / ITA

If you haven’t photographed a court sport in a while, start with one you’ve never seen before, a venue with terrible lighting with even worse backgrounds, and void of access from high above. You know, make it interesting.

Sitting Volleyball

With a court half — not quite — the size of standing volleyball, a net at least 1/4 the height, and the ball moving at the same speed in excess of 70KM/H — sitting volleyball may very well be the only sport that is faster than it’s non-para counterpart.

And it is FAST. Like photographing a hummingbird in a closet — my specialty 📸

The Women’s team plays their matches against Italy, with the Men’s team playing their series against USA.

Enjoy the photos.

Women’s: Canada vs Italy

From the rear corner of Expo Hall C, the sitting volleyball court expands from the wide angle showing a very active large space with a dozen volleyball courts all active.

Men’s: Canada vs United States & Canada Red vs White

The Mens Team Canada Sitting Volleyball gather around their coach with his back to the camera and hand talking to the group with the vast open Hall C in the background.

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