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Religion of Run — Logo & Identity Design

A Jetplane above Oregon, USA

Religion of Run logo and word mark.

I don’t really know what I am going to do with the logo — or subsequent identity — I start to tinker with. I simply like the idea of Religion being used to describe the faith we runners have in Run. And the domain is available 🤔

When Peter and I decide I am going to own his story and post it for others to read, I’m going to need somewhere to post it. In owning the story, I can’t very well post it to Medium. Kind of defeating the purpose of not selling the story. So, I do what I do best and have done for 130’ish ideas before.

I build a website.

Now my Bromka story has a home, and I have an excuse to flesh out this logo into a full brand identity.

The majority of assets produced will serve the purpose of promoting the “Bromka” story on social media channels. I refine the logo to be distinct but simple on it’s own, and flexible to work anywhere, like all brands need these days.

The cross is a dead giveaway for religious symbolism, and the subtle interaction with the road lines us runners are all too familiar with as we log miles, is all I need to connect the ideas. Initially the brand needs the word mark joined to the logo, but once you see the full logo and word mark, the logo will be enough. It’s so bold.

With all projects, a web site has to be designed and built too. You can read in detail more about the development and design of Religion.Run here.

A Jetplane above Oregon, USA

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