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Campers Village Marketing Designs

Campers Village, Edmonton, AB

Campers Village Spring Into Gear Sale 2021 In-Store & Social Assets

Each weekly campaign receives the full social/web treatment of Twitter & FB cover images, posts, and Instagram & Twitter stories along with website hero designs for the home page. This is just one example.

A screen shot of the Sketch file with a full set of assets based around the outdoor billboard design for all three locations. Sticking to an icon pattern to keep it simple, we use minimal images to keep it cohesive to the signage.

Campers Village Friends & Family 2021 Postcard Mailout

Front of the twice yearly sale that customers really look forward too. James and I worked really closely on this one given the large distribution in the 20 ~ 30k range, and being printed.
Plenty of information in a small space, but we managed to get it all in with some breathing room.

Campers Village Mailchimp Designs

I selected a few of the designs I have full images of as I can no longer access the links to the actual web version of the newsletters anymore. All designs utilize assets from manufacturers but tied together with a cohesive design each week matching the Campers Village brand.

Campers Village, Edmonton, AB

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