Life of a runner involves time in some random Flagstaff, AZ kitchen like Allie Kieffer for altitude training camp.
Life of a runner involves time in some random Flagstaff, AZ kitchen like Allie Kieffer for altitude training camp.

Front and Center Environmental Portraits

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Person, place, and … thing. An emotional connection made with a single photo that captures all three, and one of my favourite ways to do just that is a center aligned subject cropped to a 16×9 letterbox.

Whatever your thing is, wherever it may be, an environmental portrait is a great way to tell your story.

An environmental portrait for any activity.

Whether taking a winter long run to a peak in the mountains around Jasper & Banff, or yoga in Kelowna, an environmental portrait captures any activity in the natural moment while still providing you a chance to quickly check your hair and look your best.

Retail content for brand storytelling.

For more than just shoe stores β€” life of a run photographer β€” this simple technique places an employee right in the middle of the showroom, backroom, or in-between. Providing an opportunity to tell your business’ complete story including the people at the heart of it β€” in a very personal and connecting way.

Environmental portraits are great at events.

The majority of focus is on people with event photography, but the place plays an important role as well. This center aligned composition of a single person seperated from an active or passive background works great to capture guest speakers and guests alike β€” in the moment β€” to tell the story of the event.

Portraits on the go in photo journalism and content creation.

I have captured endless setups of this portrait style for journalism assignments, brands, and adventure albums with my camera:

  • On multiple cross country fixed gear bicycle tours
  • Covering 2:19:02 point to point marathons
  • Documenting 48 hour 340 mile running races from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV
  • Chasing October baseball stories from Boston > Toronto > LA
  • Running the Jasper Skyline Trail
  • Winter camping in the Rockies showshoeing the Berg Lake Trail
  • Your next adventure or content shoot!

Yeah, I am that style of photographer.

Day or weekend trips for documenting β€” with more than a phone β€” personal adventures start at $500. The Berg Lake Trail, Jasper Skyline, Rockwall, or countless other incredible rides, hikes, and/or runs in the Alberta Rockies are a road trip away β€” my Ortlieb panniers, 12L Salomon vest, and 50L Deuter pack are always ready for four seasons.

Strava Sessions include stops for environmental portraits too.

As the goal of every Strava Session is to capture the story of your run, training session, or race, a few environmental portraits are ideal to tell your full run story.

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