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Brand-A-Day Giveaway β€” Campaign Design

Campers Village, Edmonton, AB

The annual promotion is a nine day, nine contest, nine brand, nine mini-campaign design and social media blitz. The primary goal is increasing the Campers Village Campers Club email newsletter β€” we increase subscriber count by 1827 πŸ™Œ.

Secondary goals include promoting the brands that we work closely with, increasing our social media followers, and earning un-paid impressions to prime people planning their summer trips. For the campaign, we total πŸ₯³ 171,000 impressions πŸŽ‰ across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp, and Google My Business.

A hundred emails and dozens of video calls go into organizing prizes for the Brand-A-Day giveaway. The work is exhausting that thankfully James handles 99% of, I’m left with the task of putting this buffet of brands together, adhering to guidelines, into a cohesive design campaign.

πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Good times 🍺

Brand a Day primary design element.

An illustrated mountain range with shadows and white peaks.

Jammed into a regular weekly marketing production schedule, there is little extra time to dedicate to this campaign, so we decide on a large background image to tie most of the campaign together across the channels.

Using brand colours as an overlay will allow us to make a single element, re-usable, and cohesive across the nine different brands. I quickly pen tool a mountain range in Sketch, adding to the shape from the Campers Village logo. A bit of shadows, some lighter peaks, and voila β€” a vector mountain range we can scale to the size of a mountain.

The brand a day logos and colours used all laid out side by side.
Nine Instagram Story panels for the nine different brands with a logo centred, and illustrated mountain range in the background for each.

Where there is a lack of brand colours β€” Osprey & Pitboss β€” we substitute with colour of the product being given away in the contest. This solves the problem nicely for the pair of outliers and adds a nice dynamic feel to the Osprey assets.

Home Page Hero β€” Osprey β€” Day 3/9.

Twitter & Facebook covers.

The Twitter cover images don’t require the contest date, as our Twitter profile will always have the current days prize pinned to the top of our feed with all the details. Facebook is slightly different, so we are sure to include the contest dates on the cover here.

The key is that our small set of assets are malleable enough to work however we see fit. A solution for On β€” who strongly opposes text of any kind to join product β€” is easy enough using a solid band of black background colour to stick to their guidelines.

Nine brands, all managed with a couple assets and a colour overlay. Super efficient and just enough style πŸŽ‰

Brand a Day Twitter posts.

The star of the campaign is the Twitter retweet contest entry. This is the key to getting the campaign the exposure we want with some days getting in excess of 300 RT’s. And of course, we are human with a couple small mistakes getting through, like the wrong Smartwool image getting posted with the date underneath the logo instead of off to the side, and no strike through on the 16th … πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ … oops.

Nine social media mini-campaigns for nine days straight.

James and I.

We’ll take but a couple visual hiccups πŸ‘.

Facebook & Instagram posts.

With the direct crossover, Facebook and Instagram post assets end up the same. The design for the Oboz Footwear carousel is displayed directly below. This entire block gets cut up into four images, and displayed as a gallery a user swipes through in Instagram,

Also below is an example Facebook post featuring Pit Boss Grills in a stacked four square orientation. By the end of the campaign, we were taking this into account when designing the Instagram carousels. The last few days really came together exceptionally well.

If you are so inclined, links to the brand carousels can be found here: Kuma, Smartwool, Osprey, Rab, Tentree, On, Mountain Hardwear, and Pit Boss Grills.

Brand a Day Instagram gallery laid out in a end to end row.

Brand a Day Instagram stories.

The last of the social assets produced are for multi-panel Instagram brands Stories. Really finding a rhythm a few days in, we end up with a four panel set, posting a 5th panel later in the week with a winner notification panel. Find the Tentree story panels below. A highlight for each of the nine brands was created, but no longer available on CV’s Insta account.

Mailchimp x πŸ—ž πŸ—ž πŸ—ž

The icing on the proverbial cake are three Mailchimp newsletters to throw into the mix. We send an email at the beginning, the end, and smack dab in the middle. Yes, the promotion is to increase the newsletter subscribers, but we also want our existing subscribers to have a chance at winning too.

You can find all three email newsletters, designed, and coded from a custom template by yours truly:

Kuma Outdoor Gear, Oboz Footwear, Pit Boss Grills.

Campers Village, Edmonton, AB

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