Shalane Flanagan finishes the 2018 NYC Marathon on the podium.
Shalane Flanagan finishes the 2018 NYC Marathon on the podium.

Action, Emotion, & Location of Event Photography

Event // Photography
North American Asphalt to the Rockies

Capturing events through still photography is an art form mingling action, emotion, and location into a series of frames that tell the story of what happened.

Done well, one can feel like they attend said event or relive a time fondly remembered in the company of others. Unlike most environmental portraits, events often have many people, doing many things, often in many different locations.

Event Photography should be dynamic β€” regardless the room.

Tight candid crops from the long lense in a dark corner, combined with tight wide angle frames up close, captures the natural feel of events while interacting in a way that puts you in the room.

Workshops & Intimate Talks

No venue is too small, dark, or intimate to capture. From cramped quarters in shoe stores, to no-lit basement clubs for late night dance parties, anywhere something good is happening β€” with good folks β€” dynamic still event photography retells your events story.

Large Indoor / Outdoor Sports and Events

There simply isn’t a stage too big, distance to far, or shot list to demanding for the long lense. Capturing a 360 degree view, both inside and out, event photography captures the grandure of any and all of your cities largest hosted events for all interested parties requiring assets.

Race Day from depths of Death Valley to peaks of the Rockies

Whether an underground late night street race scene in New York, the social support system of Skid Row Run Club in LA, or being chased by grizzlies on trails in the Canadian Rockies β€” ready for the next challenge you distance runners can think up.

Race day is the best day.

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