I'm Jody Bailey, a multidisciplinary storyteller combining photography, writing, web development, and design to craft my tales.

Shot for Mitchell Bat Co
in Los Angeles, CA

Content is Queen

Every brand, every organization, every individual needs to produce compelling content to be heard above the noise. We are all publishers. We all need a strong narrative.

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in Edmonton, AB

I want to work with ethical individuals, teams, organizations, and brands. My always expanding digital storytelling tool set is looking for projects, ideas, and movements I believe in, to propel out into the world.

I'm not looking for marketing clients

Shot for Tangerine Banking
in Edmonton, AB

A single person digital agency

From exploration, to research, to planning, production, and promotion — I do it all. My photography background is rooted in sports and journalism, complementing my narrative style of writing. With an education in communication and marketing, I've helped hundereds of small and medium sized businesses break through the fog of what is necessary in their markets.

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