I'm Jody Bailey, a storyteller that seeks the unique and empowering side of human culture to share, with the goal of inspiring others.

Shot for Mitchell Bat Co
in Los Angeles, CA

Content is Queen

Every brand, every organization, every individual needs to produce compelling content to be heard above the noise. We are all publishers. We all need a strong narrative.

Shot for Pivotal Physio
in Edmonton, AB

I want to connect with an audience for brands, people, projects...ideas. The who and the what are irrelevant, I'm looking to work with people interested in the why.

I'm not looking for marketing clients

Shot for Tangerine Banking
in Edmonton, AB

What I do isn't easily described

You are a cycling apparel company looking to connect with your core users. Those enthusiasts that have been your key supporters from day one. Let me document them. Let me capture their passion for the brand, and for cycling. Let's tell that story.

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