I am currently open to full time or part time consistent work (adults call this employment), with the right team.

Emphasis on the right team part.

Logo, Merch, & Web Design + Photography + Content

Karen emails asking about a couple days of photography, we end up building a website, complete visual assets, and a rebrand with custom merch for the 2019 Canada Winter Games. Classic.

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The Rice Howard Howler

A regular update on all I've been up to, some thoughts I've had, and cool stuff I've consumed.

You can unsubscribe anytime. My address is Rice Howard Way, Edmonton, AB T5J. Usually on a bench with Bruce.

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WP WooCommerce Dev & Design + Identity + Content

Having photographed and all but written a story of a 2:19:00 marathoner coming up 0:00:02 short, I hadn't considered the outlet. Again, classic.

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I Am White Male

Afforded every born privilege a patriarchal white supremacist society offers. Free to roam this world, unihibited of discrimmination or prejudice. Free to wrecklessly learn on the fly, invisible safety net always in place. Without this freedom, this website and it's contents do not exist. I want that acknowledged for context.

WP WooCommerce Dev & Design + Re-Brand Design + Marketing + Project Management

Mile2Marathon needs an all-in-one e-commerce, monthly subscription, athlete onboarding, event calendar, with a full membership system for athletes. Done.

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A one person digital agency

🎨 My blossoming design portfolio dates back to Kids in the Hall, Dave Ridgeway, dominating moustaches, and bright geometrical shapes of the 80s — all focused through the lense of a communications degree.

📸 My photography etymology is sports and journalism, my narrative writing style birthed from Brett Easton Ellis and pop culture frozen in the early 2000s.

Whew! That is a mouthful, but it about sums me up.

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